Suspended ceilings are used in nearly all buildings of today. They offer a sense division between spaces where we study, work, relax and enjoy our social time.

This suspended ceiling option is great for those who may need to carry out easy and accessible maintenance to their premises.  The major environmental advantage is that they are very efficient in conserving heat within an area and act as an insulator thus preventing heat from escaping the property.  Following the installation of the ceiling you can fill the void with any thickness of insulation you chose. Through taking control of the heat loss you can actually save substantial amounts of money and take this saving off the utility bill by simply installing a suspended ceiling.

Not only are ceilings great insulators, but with the correct design they can deliver excellent acoustic values and provide you with an opportunity to create the perfect level of lighting.  They are designed to absorb sound and in doing so keep the acoustics of an area muted and help to prevent sound travelling from say, one office to another. With these factors in mind a lot of institutions and business are electing to install suspended ceilings throughout their facilities in order to create a pleasant surrounding working environment.  With heat conservation and acoustic values in mind, one of the main factors regarding installation of a ceiling is the design.

We have vast experience in supply and fixing all types of ceiling systems which can be designed to your requirements and even adapted during installation:

  • Various sizes and shapes
  • A huge range of ceiling tiles to match your requirements
  • Choice of colours
  • Can be installed at any height you require
  • Include any thickness of insulation
  • Lighting can be fitted to suit your needs