Partition walls are often used in a building that is originally open plan. They are used to form rooms of any shape and size. With the flexibility of the walls, you can even change your mind in the future, have the room taken down and re-built to match your new requirements. An advantage for employers is that a partition wall can keep the employee confined to their work space.
Prior to installation, you have the chance to design the wall to your specification:

  • Any thickness
  • Include insulation to increase acoustic and heat values
  • Add security protection (steel mesh / 15mm plywood)
  • Any shape
  • Any height
  • Include windows / doors
  • Chose electrical output / light locations

The benefits of installing a partition wall are easy to see. They allow you to turn overly large or mostly unused rooms into useful spaces and can also provide the integrity to build rooms such as a very load music room or recording studio. If you’re in need of a new space within a building, a partition wall is a fairly cheap and very quick option.

We have vast experience in supply and fixing all types of partition systems which can be designed to your requirements and even adapted during installation.