Insulation has become one of the most important building components in the 21st century. A Well insulated building can save up to 2/3 the energy needed for heating and cooling.

What are the Benefits?

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Sound Reduction
  • Money savings
  • Eliminating moisture problems

Insulation Options

Every building requires specific insulation. Below are a selection of types of insulation used today:

  • Acoustic Partition Roll Glass mineral wool roll providing high levels of acoustic insulation
  • Acoustic Slabs High Performance mineral wool slab providing high levels of acoustic and thermal performance in Partitions and wall-lining systems
  • Insulated plasterboard (various sizes available)
  • Kingspan cavity wall insulation (rigid and fibre free)
  • Suspended Ceiling Insulation Pads (To absorb the flow of convected and conducted heat)