Structural buildings need to be protected from fire. This allows occupants more time to escape in the event of fire, or to fire fighters more time to access a building without the threat of building collapse. The exact duration of fire protection will depend on the location and area of a room within the building, whether there is active fire protection (such as sprinklers) and more importantly the type of materials being protected – concrete, steel beams or timber

On many projects, at the early stage of construction we use a non-combustible glass reinforced board. This is suitable for Beam encasement, constructing all forms of partition and ceilings, including curved applications, ultimately providing high levels of fire and impact protection.

The Glassroc boards come in a range of sizes, developed using paper-free glass fibre technology they provide the basis for a range of steel encasement and specialist lining systems. They are quick and easy to install and give the client measurable performance for maximum protection and safety.

With this material having a high impact quality this makes it suitable for installation in semi-exposed areas before the building envelope is complete, saving cost and time on major projects.

There are many types of fire rated boards we use on many projects, below will give you an idea of what we use and its fire protection qualities:

British Gypsum – Glasroc F FIRECASE

High performance Class O, non-combustible board used predominantly as part of the FireCase frameless structural steel encasement system, giving up to 120 minutes’ fire protection.

British Gypsum – Gyproc CoreBoard

A 19mm thick version of Gyproc FireLine with square edges and green paper liner. Used as the main board in the British Gypsum ShaftWall system to provide fire protection with temporary moisture protection during construction.

British Gypsum – Gyproc FireLine Gypsum plasterboard

Used in British Gypsum partition, wall lining and ceiling systems to give increased fire protection

Rockwool – Fire Barrier

A flexible Rockwool quilt faced on one side with a 25mm galvanised wire mesh. Also available with a foil facing to provide additional smoke resistance. Generally used as a cavity barrier within building voids.